Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's summertime!

Hello all,
Summer is underway and I hope to remain busy polishing my skills in animation and preparing for a restless year ahead as I attempt to score an internship next summer (following my junior year at SCAD). First up: SCAD's 5 second club, a shameless spin-off of the famous 11secondclub. This is a competition in which we are asked to animate to a 5 second sound byte ripped from movies, television or the vast depths of the Internet. Winner receives a cash prize of $50, but more importantly, the priceless exposure to and critique of animators at Pixar and Blue Sky Studios. The current competition is set to this clip.

I am looking forward to working with it over the next 30 days (this quarter's competition has a 6/30 deadline). I will post my progress on this blog at each stage (animatic, blocking, etc.), so wish me luck.

Also, starting next week I will begin a weekly animation test, where I will work a piece of animation from start to finish in 7 days. At first I will keep the tests limited to body mechanics, and within a 2-5 second time-frame. My goal will be to work these clips up to the best of my ability in 7 days time as well as experiment with various work-flows in cg animation. It is my hope that this will drastically improve my animation, understanding of body mechanics, as well as comfort in cg animation. I will post more details in a few days as I begin my first in the series.


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