Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Word on Creativity... from John Cleese

Oh... hello internet. I have again neglected you. As much as I hate using this blog simply as a vehicle for re-posting interesting things that I find, occasionally I will stumble upon something that is too good to ignore. Such is the case with John Cleese's lecture on creativity.

I have been involved in many discussions regarding the idea on whether or not creativity can be forced, or whether one can will their way to inspiration. While I am still personally undecided on the matter, I feel that it is a particularly pertinent issue to those who work in a creative field -- specifically those who deal with clients and strict deadlines. There is the ever-present expectation that they will continue to push the envelope artistically, but there is also the mandate that they do so on within a set time restriction.

Enjoy this fantastic (and absurdly funny) scientific dissection of creativity.