Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Day, A New Film

Having somewhat settled back into a working routine in regards to film-making. The remainder of my summer will be spent working on my undergraduate thesis film "Do Not Disturb

As a result of an overlap in the productions of both of my films, I feel that the quality of this film suffered a bit, as I consciously set it aside because the deadline was much further away. Now is the time for me to bridge the gap in quality and ensure that the film lives up to my original vision.

Head on over to the production blog, where I will be documenting the entire process. As I am doing the bulk of the work myself, documenting the process will show me where my weaknesses lie. In the meantime, this blog will continue to be updated sparingly, as I focus on the film.



Edit: my failure to update even one blog made my "goal" of staying up to date on two blogs laughable. I hope to get to a breakdown of my film process later on, but for now will simply post the trailer once it is complete.