Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Might Have Been

While this news has been making the online rounds, I decided it was worth mentioning here. Despite announcing the shelving of Newt back in May of this year, Pixar has decided to release a bit of the concept art attached to the film via its official Facebook page. While it definitely seems to stay true to Pixar's aesthetic formula, it looks like we could have been in for a slightly grungier-looking film (perhaps on par with the opening of Wall-e... something I would have thoroughly enjoyed). I would have loved to see how the lighting department handled the film. It could have been gorgeous. Lamentations about the projects' cancellation aside, enjoy a look at "what might have been." Who knows? Perhaps the short turnaround behind the release of this art shows that Pixar is still mulling over the project, and testing for public support/generating hype.

Just a thought... Enjoy.

It of course goes without saying that all images are copyrights of Disney/Pixar, and that I do not claim ownership of them.


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