Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Return-- Wiser-- and with the Promise of New Animation

The holiday buzz has calmed down around the house, and the halls are sufficiently decked. My holiday season began with me earning my degree in animation from SCAD, almost a year early (hooray high school credits!). While I will always be grateful to the university for all that I learned, I have to say I'm happy for the (temporary) free time to really focus on personal projects that I want to work on-- not to mention the chance to get a full night's sleep...

My senior year in a nutshell.

That being said, I am not thrilled with any of the dialogue tests I have done, and don't deem them "reel-worthy" so I decided to challenge myself to a new dialogue piece with two characters (my first time attempting this). It's relatively poignant, with the holidays right around the corner, but-- more importantly-- offers up some really nice opportunities for subtle animation-- which I really enjoy.

Enough rambling-- Here's the clip:

I am currently testing out a new workflow, and am animating lip sync in passes (similar to the method outlined in Stop Staring). I will post the completed lip sync later on today and blocking one/thumbnails tomorrow.

Stay tuned,


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