Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Site, "New" Look, No Promises

Hello again,

I resume my laughable attempt at maintaining this blog after a near-six-month hiatus. I have spent that time directing two different animated shorts. Pretty Dead -- a SCAD collaboration; and-- Do Not Disturb --my own senior thesis. I have also developed a look, or "brand" with which to market myself as an animator to potential employers. The blog had been briefly updated to reflect the look, but has now been completely overhauled to be cohesive with my personal portfolio site; which I will now shamelessly plug.

Head on over to to see a collection of my work, resume, and all of my reels. In the meantime, I will continue to work on my films and possibly update this blog to be a more accurate reflection of what I am currently working on.

No Promises....

I will, however, attempt to keep my site clean and professional-- serving solely as a collection of best work-- and be more candid with my blog; revealing my individual thought processes and workflow behind projects.

Stay tuned,


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